Friday, July 7, 2017

Awesome Student Led Confrence

Reflection - On Wednesday Te Ngahere had Student Led Conference. A new improved way to show our learning. We were learning to share our learning with a parent or audience. We made a google drawing and inserted links to show our work. I enjoyed showing our learning because it's new and is a cool way to show our learning. I got National standards on all subjects. I was really pleased with my report and so was my granddad.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Amazing Matariki celebration day!!!!

Reflection - On Thursday last week we had Matariki Day at school. Where were learning about Matariki and the seven stars. Our school had planned lots of cool activities for us. The reason we were celebrating Matariki is because we were sharing our learning about celebrations and cooking some kai from our celebrations. It was a really fun day for all of us.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our amazing trip to Waitangi!

Reflection - Last week on Tuesday we went to the Treaty Grounds. When we got there our guides introduced themselves and then we went to go to our activities. First my group went to make some kites out of Nikao plants. Next we played this rope game. There was a person that said Maui (Left), Matou (Right) and Ki waenganui (Middle). Then we played another game that would improve our hearing. Then for our last activity we went to explore the trees and some of their healing purposes. We then planted little plants. We hope to see them grow and improve. The reason why we went is because of the Matariki celebrations.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cool Fidget Spinner Art!!

Should we be allowed to have fidget spinners in our classes?

Hi there. My name is Taleisha and I think that fidget spinners should not be allowed to be in classes because they distract fellow students. (Here are my reasons)

Firstly, they are a distraction to people if they are doing work or tests. The noise annoys other kids and they can’t focus.

Secondly, they are addictive and used when we are supposed to do work and when the teacher comes and checks your work you have nothing.

Thirdly, when people say they calm people when they are stressed or angry I think (Obviously) that is just a rip off. It just gets people addicted.

Fourthly, they cost money (Boo!!!) and sometimes they can be a bit expensive. The reason why people make inventions is because of joy and MONEY!

For these reasons I think that fidget spinners should not be allowed in classes.

Last week Te Ngahere and Te Maunga got to make fidget spinner art (WALT: Use space, crayon and dye). We were also going to write a persuasive piece of writing (WALT: Use parentheses). The prompt was ‘Should we be allowed to use Fidget Spinners in our classes.’

Monday, June 26, 2017

Making Yummy Ice Cream!!!!

WALT: Write a recount and metaphors

Making YUMMY ice cream

On Friday 16, Te Ngahere made ice cream. We had to go into pairs. My buddy was Yuktha and we had to work together to make the ice cream.

Firstly, we got two bags, one small and one large. We then put cream, sugar and vanilla essence in the smaller bag.

Next, we put the freezing ice and gritty salt in the bigger bag and we had to put a lot of salt. 6 tablespoons!!!!

Then, we put the cream in the big bag of salt and went outside and shook it until the ice cream was ready to eat. The bag was a freezing ice block. But while we were shaking, the bag popped. The ice went everywhere!

Later, we got to eat the ice cream! The ice cream was so sweet and yummy! It spilt everywhere but nobody cared! We were all eating delicious ice cream!

The End!!!!

(By Taleisha)

Reflection:On Friday 16th June we made Ice Cream because we finished our learning plans in ten minutes (we were learning to manage our learning and help other students if they needed help). I was making ice cream with my buddy Yuktha. In the end it all turned out as yummy ice cream!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tim Tipene Author visit!!

Tim’s message is that there is a warrior in everyone. I enjoyed when he read the books and he used expression when he was talking as the characters. He also said that when he is writing his books he is all of the characters. Before he came to our school Shirley, our school librarian read one of his books. These are the names of his books: Hinemoa Te Toa, Taming the Taniwha, The Wooden Fish and Maui the Sun Catcher.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Slideshow about america!!!

Our group’s WALT was to find information about the world around us and our success criteria is :
-I can use map skills to find locations.
-I can scan texts to find information
-I can read texts to make connections with different countries and cultures.  
I think our group did well and we found facts that amazed us. We worked collaboratively in our groups to make a slide show. I think we need to add more interesting facts to our slide show. We enjoyed making the slideshow because we got to get creative.