Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My awesome creative piece of writing about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

2 weeks ago in Te Ngahere we did creative pieces to fit in our topic for reduce, reuse, recycle. We also did persuasive pieces of writing to persuade our reader to stop using plastic bags. My language features that I needed to learn is Similes, Metaphors, Onomatopoeia and Adjectives. I think I did well in using all these languages features. I think I do need to use them a bit more. Here is my writing:

Tuesday 2nd November 2017
The sea rescue

Moral: Don’t dump fishing nets other wise fish and marine life will get trapped!

Splash! “Hi! My name is Luna! I am a mermaid! I have a story to tell. I was saved by human beings. It was all because of plastic and fishing nets”. (Not Luna) Let’s begin.

Luna swam in never ending crystal clear water. Not a piece of rubbish in sight. Luna paddled with fish,  jumped with dolphins until, she came across a strong current and it was carrying only one thing: PLASTIC. Luna tried to swim away but got caught in fishing net. Crash! The wave swept her away like leaf in the wind. She was tied up like a baby bundled up in a blanket. She was a frozen statue.  She struggled to get untied and she finally fell into deep sleep after struggling for hours on end.

She drifted ashore. She was as still as statue. Finally, a boy and his father (The father’s name was Johnny and Finn was the boy) were gathering there fishing gear and walked straight into the mermaid. They started at her in wonder. They then stared at each other and decided they had to do something. They started to untangle her. They did this swiftly and carefully so they don’t accidentally cut the mermaid. They soon untangled Luna. Suddenly, Luna woke up and screamed “Ahhh!!!”. She started at the pair. Everything turned to a  stand still. Then she looked down and saw that the net was untied. She smiled at the pair and thanked them. “Thank you, Thank You! I am so glad I was untangled from that net. I better go now. Goodbye!” With that she took off but then she waved the pair and they waved back. “Wow!” said Johnny. “Finding a mermaid on the beach and saving her! This is the most coolest day ever!” “Agreed!” said Finn. They dashed back home to share the story with friends and family.  

“That is the end of my adventurous story!” said Luna. “See ya!” and with that she dived to the depth below.

The end!  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My awesome persuasive writing piece!!

In Te Ngahere we have been doing persuasive writing for the past few weeks. Our WALT was to use the correct structure for a persuasive piece of writing. Our topic was Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I think I did well doing the persuasive structure and I need to work on where I need to put my capitals EG: Places and names. Here is my persuasive piece of writing:

Wednesday 18.10.17

Should we use plastic bags in supermarkets?

WALT: Use the correct structure for a persuasive.

I am writing to give my opinion on plastic bags. I think they are a waste of time and money. They kill marine animals! Do you really want our marine animals to go extinct? Obviously not! Here are my reasons why you shouldn’t use plastic bags.

Firstly, did you know that New World and Countdown are going plastic bag free? New world is generously giving out reusable bags so that NZ is the amazing “Clean green country” that other continents think we are. But it is not just New world that are changing their policies with plastic bags. A Countdown in Collingwood has already stop plastic bags. That little town has made a huge impact on the way our new government thinks.

Secondly, 4 billion bags will end up as litter each year which is enough to circle the globe 63 times! So then you go to the next option which is the paper bags. But did you know that you are actually doing more harm than plastic. We will be consuming 14 million trees a year, takes 4 times as much energy that plastic, uses over 12 million barrels of oil annually and lastly paper products will create 70% more air pollution than plastic and 50% more water pollution than plastic.

Thirdly, Recycling paper uses 98% more energy that plastic and often it is not even used to make more bags. Plastic is time consuming and is very expensive. Many of the bags will be shipped to China or India to be burnt/incinerated. Paper is able to biodegrade unlike plastic but once underneath a pile of rubbish the lack of oxygen will slow the process. The stuff doesn’t get recycled, well… it ends up in our oceans and traps animals and ingesting it can be highly deadly to our animals. Which will lead into catastrophic events such as global warming and climate change.

So, Does recycling really make a difference? Yes, but recycling is a very time consuming process. So what do you think?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My amazing visual mihi

During the week we have been putting the final touches on our visual mihi. I chose these pictures because they help me understand the mihi visually and also remind me of what that picture means. It helps me remind myself because we have little captions that remind us of what the picture means and a simple translation. Here is my mihi:

Friday, October 27, 2017

My awesome writing goals

Last week in Te Ngahere we made google drawings to display our writing goals. We took our old goals and added them to our new goals. I have gone up a rubric to improve my learning. We selected our goals by a rubric that shows what we could improve and what we did. Here are my learning goals:

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Taleisha's amazing maths goals!!

Last week in Te Ngahere we made our maths goals.We had to pick three goals from our Ican sheet and I choose solve simple ratio and rate problems, Place value partitioning, Recall conversions between decimals, fractions and percentages. The reason I chose these goals was because they were goals that I didn’t know and I really wanted to learn them. Here are my goals.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Trying oobleck for science!

This a DLO about us making oobleck for science. It was so fun and messy! If you try this at home, have a towel handy or go outside! Here is my google drawing:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

My awesome William Pike reading task

Last week in Te Ngahere we made Google Drawings about William Pike. We learnt that he started a project to get Kiwi kids Outdoors and having adventures. He also went to Antarctica to climb Mt Scott. He was related to our reading because Ricky saw the poster and it changed his attitude. The man in the poster was William Pike. Here is my google drawing.